Why you should stop using TikTok! Is it Safe for you?

Tiktok is Famous for its short videos where one can easily create and upload the video without wasting hours. There was a time when TikTok runs initiative as Edutok but over time all that remains is as entertaining or viral content distribution app. Looking up the current scenario, it eats your hours of time in just swiping up the videos that are just wasting your productive time or the time where you can read or learn something. It spoiling today’s youth completely; instead of focusing their study or future, they are just focusing on how to get famous on Tiktok, and all the time they are just wondering that how to get more likes to their TikTok videos.
But is it safe to use the TikTok app? Is it good? let’s dig it out.

Abusive Content:
Since TikTok is designed to make a short video that can entertain people but there are no such rules or strong community guidelines that prohibit people from making videos on abusive content. If you open up the app all you find is the abuses videos, harassment, vulgarity, nudity, and Lip sync videos without showing up creativity and abilities.

Timepass App:
Most of the People are just wasting their time by creating lip sync videos by adding video effects using face powers and ring flashlights. Today’s youth thinks that they will get famous by creating videos on TikTok instead of doing struggle. At the age where they should make important decisions about their life goal & future, they are creating Tiktok videos and putting forward their so-called “Couple-Goals” that doesn’t even last longer than 6 months.

Publicity Stunts:
In the race of getting famous and generating more likes/comments on their video, youth are found trying stunts on bridges, rail tracks, rail doors, electricity, rivers, and whatnot. As a result, lots of people have to deal with instant death or permanent disability.

On this platform people just love making fun of other people and in some videos, you will realize that people are fighting against one another with lots of abusive words. Also, reaction and pranks videos are other highlights of this app after youtube where people are literally doing any vulgar/immoral things in the public and when caught they say “Oh, it’s a prank. There is a camera.” This includes public pranks like golddigger pranks, public kisses and truth & dare videos but the interesting fact is their viewers appreciate such nonsense.

Transgender Videos:
And here is the hot favorite topic of Tiktok. Well, we are not against the people who are Transgender but we hate those stupid people who are dying to dress up like opposite genders and publishing videos that don’t make sense.

Anyways, no matter Tiktok is going to banned in India or not! But we care for the people. We think utilizing the platform by showing off your skills and abilities is the right use of platform instead of wasting and creating videos that don’t even make sense. You should invest your time in learning and acquiring skills that help, what do you think? comment below.

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