Reasons why LinkedIn is different from other Social Media

Since the evolution of technology mobile phones and social media have changed our life drastically. There are a number of social media apps but LinkedIn is something different particularly designed for business and networking. However, there is a friend making system just like Facebook called “Connections” that helps you to expand your network by reaching and interacting with different people.
With over 65m+ professionals, Linkedin is a favorite destination of people when it comes to growing their careers and businesses. But things are completely different when you are on LinkedIn rather than on any Social media. Wondering how? Here it is.

  1. Almost every post on LinkedIn has at least one comment.
  2. Despite other social media apps, you will find real people with their real photos.
  3. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn girls will text you first without any hesitation.
  4. Here people will always appreciate your efforts and hustle.
  5. If you ask for advice no matter what these professionals will guide you the best.
  6. The least expected will end up with the highest likes or trending.
  7. The opinions of older & experienced people are immensely respected.
  8. There is no hate or fight between people like India-Pakistan as in media.
  9. You will learn a lot by reading different people’s stories, experiences, and shares.
  10. Still, some people will hate you for no reason, so just ignore them like your Ex.

If you have ever come crossed LinkedIn or using it, these are some best Linkedin Facts on which you cant disagree, right? What do you think, don’t forget to tell us in the comment section.

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