Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts that you Must Use

Keyboard shortcuts while using PC, will not just help you to save your time but also boost your productivity respectively. Also, it helps you to complete the task your within minutes by making you more focused on your work. Also, it’s harder to find & use some shortcuts when you are a newbie.

Thus to help you out to make your PC user experience a lot easier and smoother we have prepared a list of shortcuts that you must use no matter you are newbie or PRO because this shortcut works like a charm to boost your productivity and expertise.

Below are the best 10 Keyboard Shortcuts that you should memorize.

  • Ctrl+C/V: This shortcut will help you to copy any file or selected text when you are using any document. And when it comes to pasting that copied text just use CTRL+V to paste it quickly anywhere in the browser form or file. You can also use this shortcut to copy or paste your file from one location to another. However to completely remove your text from the source or to cut it you can use CTRL+X instead o CTRL+C.
  • Ctrl+Z: Any activity that you have done on your computer will be quickly undone by using Ctrl + Z. For instance, accidentally you have erased a line of work or paragraph than to recover it just use CTRL+Z called Undo.  Similarly to you can use CTRL+Y to redo your undo work.
  • Ctrl+F: While browsing online or using any document, when you want to search for any word or phrase use Ctrl+F to open the search field. And this shortcut will work almost any window software.
  • Alt+Tab: When you are using multiple software or apps and you want to switch in between then just use Alt+Tab. For instance, you are using a browser and you want to switch another word doc that you have opened and running in the background this shortcut will work.
  • Ctrl+Backspace: Earsing anything is a lot easier by using backspace but sometimes it takes a longer by slowly erasing single-single character. Alternatively, holding the CTRL key along with backspace will help you to erase quickly by removing one-one words.
  • Ctrl+S: This is the best shortcut that will help you to prevent your work from getting damaged. This shortcut will help you to work your no matter what app you are using. By pressing Ctrl + S, you can save your work at regular intervals so in case of a power cut or any other issues you can recover and start from the last endpoint where you have saved your work.
  • Ctrl+P: Many times you came across a situation where you have to convert your soft work into hard work by printing. But without watching print preview many time it makes you feel like you are wasting your money with improperly printed output. Preferably, use Control+P in any software or app and it will help you to see a print preview of any file or webpage. If you found it proper just go ahead and print it else you can adjust print settings from the menu.
  • Page Up / Down: Many newbies found it harder to use mouse and keyboard simultaneously and in the long run it will also eat your time. Rather just use Page UP & Down key from your keyboard to navigate quickly without even touching the mouse.

We hope these shortcuts will help you to get through your work quickly by saving your time. And yeah! don’t forget to comment on the last shortcut you have learned in the comment section below.

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