How to enable the Dark Mode on Chrome for Android

Google Chrome and the web browser popular from the world and, despite its flaws, it still remains today the main option for all those users who’re just a bit more aware, especially due to its chances for customization.

Furthermore, for a long time now Google-Chrome is used because of the default browser for mobile devices based on the Android operating system, developed by Google itself. Being an application Chrome consistently integrates the latest software news introduced with new versions of Android, for example, those. The much-awaited Dark Mode has finally arrived on Google Chrome for Android with the latest upgrade 74.0.3729.112 or later.

How to enable the Dark Mode on Chrome for Android?

  1. Open Google Chrome and, in the address bar, type “chrome://flags“(Without quotation marks).
  2. However, the option to switch on Mode is accessible, and you also need to empower it through flags.
  3. Search from the search bar”Android Chrome UI dark mode“.
  4. From the drop-down menu corresponding to the item selected “Enabled“.
  5. Re-start Chrome by pressing a special button in the popup present in the lower section of the screen.
  6. Close Chrome in the Messaging menu.
  7. A brand new item will appear in the menu: “Themes
  8. Twist on the thing”Topics” and pick “Dark“.

Here you are, your Chrome browser will recharge the interface, which will be dominated with darker colors. Waiting using support for Mode to get a Reader Mode, we could still be happy with the Design of Google Chrome using all the Mode activated!

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