How to clean your AirPods / EarPods without damage

Cleaning the AirPods is not a matter of hygiene however it will even help your life be more. Besides cleaning the headphones themselves, it is also advisable to clean the charging case. You have the second or first creation of these cans, this advice will allow you to because they both have exactly the exact same design.

After having based on consumer experiences and advice from her own Apple, we have compiled this collection of 5 tips to clean your AirPods / EarPods without damage…

  1. To completely clean the headphones it is very crucial to work with a cloth or cotton swab that is soft and does not release lint. Of course, these should be sterile and Under no circumstances use any kind of liquid.
  2. You’re able to make work with a dry soft bristle brush to clean the grilles of those cans and eradicate any residue which may be accumulated in them.
  3. Something crucial to remember is don’t use sharp items since it could damage the item.
  4. To clean the AirPods case you’ll be able to work with a dry fiber material.
  5. For him Lightning connector it is wise to employ a soft bristle brush That is totally dry and clean.

It’s possible to leave us at the comments box your doubts regarding how to wash the AirPods.

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